Felicity Watts & Matt Stevenson

Jas to think that your competition was 'other local agent', as i would of gone through them. You may ask how i came to the decision?????? Your honest and realistic approach. I think 'other local agent' would of tried to go all fancy and be a little annoying and u and I both know this property didn't need all the bells and whistles. We just had to do it right. I don't do annoying people. A gr8 credit to you guys. Loved how u were just gr8 people. Makes all the difference for me. It makes for relaxing conversation whilst negotiating business etc. So, Jas you can take this feedback to your next team meeting, so they all keep up the realistic and honest team approach. In addition, I spoke to a lot of people at work about only going with Domain and the response was very mixed, but most said that if buyers are keen it doesn't matter. Matt and I were not phased with this approach at all as we know that it's your network of buyers that assist with sale also. Again, it comes back to honesty as we appreciate u letting us know upfront. Thank u again. Gr8 work guys. Tassie here we come. Who says you can't sell during COVID 19!!!!